Just WHO do you think I am? Well, I am a physician, a Naturopathic Physician (Bastyr 1994).  I have been in private practice now for 28 years. I started out in Family Practice ( Pediatrics, Gynecology, Midwifery) but have had many periods of intensive experience and study in various disciplines relating to different aspects of healthcare. My greatest teachers have been my patients who have partnered with me to solve various healthcare issues and shared their wisdom and experiences on the journey.

I believe in sustainability in healthcare, which means I see myself as a resource and teacher, promoting healthcare independence in my patients. My goal in providing healthcare is to decrease my patients’ dependency on others (including myself)  as they take on greater responsibility and gain wisdom in promoting and maintaining their own health. This is a completely different paradigm than most people have encountered before and is reflected in the unique set up of my office.

Additionally, my life experience as a mother, a patient, and an ongoing student of the healing arts has brought perspective and awareness into my practice. My own struggles with healthcare issues have increased my compassion for those who wrestle with chronic illness and systems that do not address health at all but simply aim to cover up diseases. I recognize the need for a balanced approach that addresses acute issues, underlying causes, and a lifestyle that promotes our innate healing capacity, which is different for each of us. The care and treatment I provide is highly individualized.

It is not my intent to appeal to the greater masses. I love the intimacy of a small practice and taking the time to understand the challenges that have created health issues for the people in my practice. Most people who seek me out have not been successful in the current dominant medical system and are frustrated with a pharmaceutical based disease management system that fails to address health at all.  And the general level of health in our culture  is declining rapidly in this system. There are alternatives!!! I encourage you to discover Naturopathic Medicine to see if it is the best fit for you, but remember its just one of the many options you have availible. Access to quality healthcare can be challenging, because its NOT mainstream. But the good news is that because disciplines like Naturopathic Medicine have such great results and are so cost effective; they are growing in popularity at an exponential rate.

This blog is my professional soapbox and while the content may seem eclectic in nature….it represents the interconnectedness between different views and practices and social culture that make up successful healing. It is intended as a resource for my patients who have access to me to discuss individualized healthcare issues. But I support open source access to information so I am making these articles publicly available. Part of self responsibility is the discernment to sift through the overwhelming masses of healthcare information available to you today and choose things that are safe and work for you. I am biased in that I believe a mentorship relationship with a healthcare professional to evaluate medical and lifestyle options is the safest route and a very time and cost effective investment. It was for me, and that is what motivated me to pursue a medical career and develop a new healthcare model that promotes sustainability and independence in healthcare. Good luck with your journey!

Dr Karen Erickson

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