Just WHO do you think I am?

Just WHO do you think I am? Well, I am many things…. physician, mom, activist for social change, student, gardener, athlete, teacher and more. My interests are varied and reflect the life experiences that have molded me. I spent many years walking beside people who are invested in creating exceptional health for themselves and those around them. This blog is my professional soapbox and while the content may seem eclectic in nature….it represents the interconnectedness between different views and practices and social culture that make up successful healing.

I am a Naturopathic Physician (Bastyr 1994) and my focus was originally childbirth, pediatrics, and gynecology. I have enjoyed working with elite athletes, tropical medicine, rural healthcare, and discovering new challenges by seeing patients that feel they had exhausted all their treatment options before deciding to see me. I have a heart for people with challenges accessing appropriate care.

It is not my intent to appeal to the greater masses. Rather I hope to provide a forum for thought and information for those who recognize a need in their lives for a different medical paradigm than that which is dominant around us. Although access to healthcare is big policy and big business; my personal experience is that appropriate and accessible healthcare exists predominately for those who subscribe to standard conventional western healthcare. The search for genuine health takes some people outside of this system.

My blog is a tribute to the options and healing values Naturopathic Medicine offers. My goal is simply to provide something very practical – filling the void between conventional western based medical thought and undirected and unsupported self study in natural health practices. You can learn more about my private practice here. This blog is just a forum and opportunity to explore a different style of healthcare, ask questions, and start taking ownership of the health of the body you will spend the rest of your life in! I hope it inspires thought and action for all who visit.

Karen Erickson, ND, LM