What DO we do?

Over the years we have done many things….we started out as North End Family Practice, added Healthy by Nature and also go by Dr Karen Erickson. We have practiced Naturopathic Medicine, had the first off campus Naturopathic Residency in the country, ran a healthfood store, taught classes, developed healthcare systems to serve the unserved, integrated new technology to serve people who were located far away, and supported a broad concept of health for people. We stand for education, self sufficiency and self responsibility. We promote that vision by providing education, healthcare, tools and support.

Basically we love a good challenge. When we see something not working, we try to solve it using the philosophical foundation of our practice, the Principles of Naturopathic Medicine. Often that means just reminding people they have options and standing along side them while they gradually take on the responsibility for their own healthcare decisions.


Mission; it is our belief that excellent and relevant healthcare is a basic human right. To that end we will endeavor to improve the wellbeing of those within our circle with every interaction using Naturopathic Principles and compassion for those around us.

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DrkarenErickson Office and Staff

We have been serving our community of like minded folks near and far since 1994!

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