The Question We Can Not Answer

Every day we receive calls from prospective, new, and established clients asking us “what do we do for such and such a condition?” As we ponder how to respond, we recognize that the philosophy of modern medicine has influenced most people’s expectations of healthcare. The paradigm of the conventional medical system is twofold. Symptoms are to be suppressed and treatment is dispensed by matching drugs to specific conditions. This same philosophy may be applied to natural therapeutics where herbs or other natural substances are used for symptom relief and matched to particular conditions. This method is more efficient from a time perspective because an understanding of the person or the disease process itself does not significantly affect the treatment choices. Unfortunately, time efficiency does not correlate with healthcare quality.
Naturopathic Medicine has at heart a very different philosophy. The philosophy is that PEOPLE, not diseases, deserve treatment. This means a few very important things. First of all treatment for the same exact condition in two different people will be very different. It also means that the practitioner must know the client and what their symptoms say about them. Lastly, rather than being a symptom based system that focuses on making your disease state more comfortable, our objective is to promote health, prevent disease, and empower clients with adequate education to maintain a healthier life. Symptom suppression does not improve health or create a cure for a disease.
Asking ‘what to do for a particular condition’is a clue to us that you do not understand what we do or what we can do for you. Many people like the idea of ‘something more natural’ but do not understand that swapping an herb for a drug does nothing to solve the failure of the present medical system. Healthfood stores, medical doctors and self help books often specialize in this one- size- fits -all philosophy. We want you to know that we feel we have a better solution. Although our solution may not be the best for everyone, we have the expectation that those who choose to work with us know our philosophy and choose to move towards the exceptional health we feel is everyone’s birthright.
We feel so strongly about our philosophical approach that we have decided to uphold it. We feel great pressure at times to offer the type of generic mediocre healthcare that surrounds us. Our policies and our office set up supports the philosophy we ascribe to. While we would like to feel that we could serve all people, we know that compromising our standards and providing care we know to be poor is a disservice to those we desire to help and dissatisfying to us.
Because of our approach we will not offer support or advice to people we do not know. We will not provide support over the phone about conditions we have not addressed in a visit, or family members who are not clients, or clients we have not seen recently. We will not skimp on the length and number of visits we require to fully understand your condition. We will not continue to dispense supplements we know require supervision without appropriate office visits. These policies and others we hold to are designed to protect our clients and maintain our integrity. We feel Naturopathic Medicine can benefit EVERYONE by promoting an increased quality of life and empowering people through education to take care of themselves by practicing preventive care and first aid is more cost effective and gives people much greater value for their dollar.

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