Guidelines for Medical Advice over the Phone or Internet

You would be surprised what happens when people find out you are a physician. Suddenly everyone wants medical advice….. and when you are a physician, your heart is to share your knowledge for the benefits of others…. so why not?

Well sometimes it takes a while to see the big picture. And after some time I realized my efforts to try to benefit others with casual advice was not creating the same great results I was getting in my practice setting.

Good science is based on the Scientific Method…. and above all I think of myself as a scientist. I am always curious about how things work. Postulating how to assess what the underlying forces are. Observing to gain insight to systems. So I observed the differences between the impact of care that I provided ‘off the cuff’ versus the care I offered as a professional in the context of a therapeutic relationship. And I concluded that while both had some initial benefit, people that worked with me experienced profound long lasting changes in their health while people who were just looking for cheap convenient acute care generally moved on from one thing to another, never really making much change – often concluding that natural medicine doesn’t work and opting for allopathic care.

Several things struck me. One is that people learn differently and have different expectations of their own health. Secondly is that, for my practice anyway, the philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine and teaching how to think about health makes for a significantly more successful experience…. And lastly, responsible healthcare is based on traditional methods of assessment such as medical and family history, examination, and careful evaluation of treatment.

It might seem like giving off the cuff advice on the bus to a stranger would be an act of compassion. Certainly the heart strains that way. But does it actually help? And what principles does it promote? Genuinely skilled professionals have good boundaries and when their skills are utilized according to basic guidelines for safety and employing good science methods…offer huge benefit.

So understand up front that decent care or advice from a skilled professional will not ever happen by posting a question on a blog…. I’ll save you the trouble and tell you that DIY medicine or health food store medicine is very different from what I do. These services are readily available and help many people with minor ailments or problems that are solved simply by a general approach. But more complicated issues take skill and time.

You can expect answers about Naturopathic Medicine, the philosophy of care, different modalities, etc. I am very proud of what I do, very passionate about my profession. but please don’t ask me for medical advice And under no circumstances ask me: ‘what do you do for…..’?

If you do write, show me you are able learn by reading and following a suggested sequence….Include the comment, “I have read the information about asking questions by email on your blog” in the first line so I know you read this!

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Asking Questions

We are switching over from this blog ( Blogger) to a full website. While we make this transition, we have not maintained our features of allowing people to ask questions of or leave comments for a specific post. Sorry for this inconvenience. However we will respond to questions by email ( please review our Guidelines for Medical  Advice over the Phone or Internet BEFORE you send me an email). Include the comment, “I have read the information about asking questions by email on your blog” in the first line so I know you read it!

Thanks, and as soon as we have our full site up, we will resume posted questions on the website.

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Healthy by Nature is an innovative Naturopathic Medical Practice located in Boise Idaho.We care for clients all over the globe and offer an array of unique services that you will find no where else.

Dr Karen Erickson has worked in private practice for over 20 years. She is an educator at heart whether teaching in a University setting, speaking at a conference, discussing concerns with a private patient, or mentoring a student.

Dr Erickson Graduated from Bastyr University in 1994 and is a classically trained Naturopathic Physician and Midwife.

She has developed a unique style of healthcare that focuses on problem solving, education, patient responsibility, and self sufficiency. Her goal is to empower, educate and equip her patients to manage their own health concerns and discover their own innate abilities and skills as healers.

Healthy by Nature is a family centered practice. We offer Naturopathic services to people of all ages, but have a special heart for woman and children. Dr Erickson is a ‘last resort’ physician often accepting clients who have exhausted all other resources with rare, unusual, and challenging conditions. Because her clients are often based remotely, her services include remote consultation.

The dedicated focus of her passion is to serve those out of reach of conventional or quality care, including people lacking medical access due to remote conditions, economic hardship, social challenges, etc. Healthy by Nature is a for profit practice to generate funding for our non-profit work.