Acute and Emergency Care for Patient Care

Policy for Patient Care Clients who need acute or emergency care.

Patient Care Clients may contact us for emergency care.  Many of our clients prefer to wait and see if things get better on their own and then panic when they feel things are out of hand. Please consider contacting us earlier with smaller problems rather than waiting for a crisis to develop and then calling us with an unnecessary emergency.

Patient Care Clients have access to our number and may text any time after reading the policy regarding billing for acute and after hours care. If you do not hear back within 15 minutes text again. At that point please call. Check our office updates for any changes to our call schedule. You may email information, but unless you text to let us know it is there, we may not see it until our next office day. Any contact that is medical in nature will be billed. You may be asked if you are familiar with our fees and policies or be required to make a payment before receiving care.

Acute and Emergency Care for Global Care Clients

Policy for Global Care Clients who need acute or emergency care.

Global Care Clients have 24/7 access to care as part of their monthly fee. Including acute and emergency care as part of our Global Care Package is in keeping with our basic philosophical principles. We encourage people to recognize the direction acute situations are heading BEFORE they turn into emergencies. Accessing a provider early allows preventive care, appropriate monitoring, and increases safety for the patient. Many of our clients prefer to wait and see if things get better on their own. This is a valid option for a carefully watched patient who has good backup. As a courtesy, we ask that you alert us if you are waiting so we can plan to be accessible later should you need us.

Acute illness provides an opportunity to observe the unfolding process of disease or injury – and generally multiple opportunities to intervene; contacting your provider early in the course of acute situations allows you to learn more about these patterns. Since Global care is intended to educate and empower our clients, we encourage to use these opportunities to further your training.

All Global Care Clients have access to our number, please text any time. If you do not hear back within 15 minutes text again. At that point please call. Check our office updates for any changes to our call schedule. You may email information, but unless you text to let us know it is there, we may not see it until our next office day.

Policy for Scheduling Acute or Emergency Care

We don’t mean to brag…but we provide medical services to our patients beyond what you will find in most practices. We understand that when there is a crisis, you need quick access to a professional you know and trust….and who knows you. Please read this post carefully to check your eligibility for emergency services and how to access us.

Emergency services are available to all current established patients. Global care clients have emergency and acute care available as part of their service package with no additional fees. Global Care Clients click here.

If you are an current established patient – this means you have been seen in the office within 12 months and your paperwork is up to date – you may access our emergency and after hour services for a fee. Click here.

If you are a previous patient and we have not seen you in a while….welcome back! We are here to help you but need paperwork brought up to date and more information before we see you. Please click here.

If you are NOT an established patient and yet find yourself in an emergency situation and require immediate assistance please click here and read our policy.

For general information about emergency care, click here.

Scheduling Information for New Patients

If you are new to our practice…. Welcome. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to patient care and look forward to the opportunity to serve you. While most interactions with healthcare today are relatively passive; we believe that taking an active role in your own care will not only bring about excellent results, but will help you acquire the tools to keep you healthy and make you more self sufficient.

Before you schedule please do a little research on us… We encourage informed healthcare consumerism. Read our blog, talk to other patients, come to a class…. There are lots of different types of healthcare providers with lots of different areas of expertise; find the type of care that appeals to you and then find someone you really connect with. A great healthcare relationship can transform your life.

Be realistic about your expectations. Our culture encourages quick fixes and the covering up of symptoms with long term use of medications….Naturopathic Medicine is an alternative to this method of care with a very different approach. Naturopathic Medicine generally requires greater involvement with a practitioner and requires more effort and responsibility from the patient. No approach is right or wrong, but each is more suited to a different type of person. Assessing your own expectations will help you choose wisely.

Lastly, please be aware that we invest a great deal of time in our patients and commit to being available for them in times of crisis. As a new patient this means we will not schedule you until we feel we have adequate resources to serve you. It is not our goal to a have a big busy practice. It is our goal to provide excellent care.

We call your first intake visit with us a First Office Call (FOC). This is divided into 2 visits; the first is to hear your story, gather history, figure out your goals. The second is where we come up with a plan together after we have carefully reviewed your information.

To schedule a First Office Call, please email our office and request intake forms. We will review them and set you up for your first appointment.

All Fees

Patient Care Fees

First Office Call (1 hr): The First Office Call is an intake visit consisting of a 1 hour consultation to review paperwork, complete a detailed history, and establish goals; and a 30 minute follow up to set up a protocol. This is for new patients. $350

Returning Patients (1 hr): This is a visit to update paperwork and re-establish care for patients who have not been seen in over a year. $120

Acute Visit (10 minutes): This is a short procedure oriented visit to follow up on an existing condition such as a Blood Pressure check for Hypertension; a simple lab test ( Urinalysis, culture or blood work); evaluating a wound or surgical incision; checking ears, lungs or throat; etc. It is not a visit to bring up new conditions or to address treatment considerations. An acute visit will be 
scheduled as a follow up to a return visit at the recommendation of the physician.  $25

Brief Visit (15 minutes): Evaluation of a previously discussed concern such as a follow up after a new protocol or introducing a new medication, an office procedure, a quick check in. $50

 Return Office Call ( 45 minutes): Discussion of a new concern, routine follow up, in depth office procedure ( physical exam, PAP, etc.) $100

Extended Office Call (60 minutes): Annual visit, complicated or multiple concerns, visits concerning more than one family member. $150

Global Care– $125/month

All fees are due at time of service except emergency and after hours care which are due prior to receiving care.

Fees for Emergency and After Hours Care (please see specific policies)

Global Care – unlimited, no fee
Existing Client – acute page $50/ after hours visit $100 ( see policy)
Returning Client -acute page $75/ after hours visit $125  PLUS a returning patient fee of $120 (see policy)
New Patient Emergency – includes problem oriented intake, page, visit $400 ( see new patient policy)

How we arrive at our fee schedule. Our fees are based on promoting our values and doing the work we believe in. In other words, we want to practice Naturopathic Medicine, educate our clients, and focus on promoting wellness by being proactive. Our value for this type of healthcare is reflected in our fee structure. Clients utilizing crisis management healthcare services are charged a premium. Clients who share our interest in Naturopathic Philosophy, preventive healthcare, and self responsibility by education pay a lower fee.

Scheduling for Existing Patients

If you are an Existing Patient and need an appointment we can help! If you have been seen within the past 12 months, you are in luck: your paperwork is up to date and we can schedule you right away. Please email your visit request (see below for types of visits) to

If your last visit was more than a year ago, you will need to update your paperwork prior to your appointment, please Click Here

The article, The Skill of Scheduling, will help you consider what you want from your visit so you can prepare. Teaching you to schedule yourself correctly is a priority for us to make sure we meet your needs and are ready for your visit. Below are the types of visits we offer. They are categorized based on the time you require to complete your objectives. The times listed in parenthesis are the full time we schedule for your visit and includes physician contact as well as necessary support such as treatment plan, dispensary,  lab, etc. In other words a ten minute acute visit is a 5 minute check in with the doctor plus the time it takes to document and take care of your follow-up needs.

Visit Types

Return Office Call ( 45 minutes): Discussion of a new concern, routine follow up, single in depth office procedure ( physical exam, PAP, etc.) This is the most common visit type. Unless you request otherwise, you explain your objectives and help direct the session to get the care and support and education you need to leave with a plan. You will have time to really discuss new or chronic issues, get a targeted physical assessment, receive counseling support, or get support and encouragement for a successful program. If in doubt schedule a Return Office Call.

Extended Office Call (60 minutes): Annual visit, complicated or multiple concerns, visits concerning more than one family member.

You may request a schedule of fees by contacting our office by email.

June 2014 Update

 We have a new office manager, Julie, who will be assisting me in setting up my practice at our new location which will hopefully be announced soon. Meanwhile she will be resurrecting scheduling, dispensary, reminders, billing and training our staff. 

Our updated mailing address is 3327 N Eagle Rd, suite 110-114, Meridian Idaho 83646. Please note this is NOT our physical location. Our email, and our phone number (208)383-4833 will remain the same.

May 2014

We are rebuilding our blog! Our previous blog and virtual office were spammed and automatically closed. We are rebuilding content and reposting articles slowly…. Thanks for your patience.

May 2014
We are currently serving our Global Care clients and plan to open our practice to new patients this summer. Details will be here, on our office blog.
Summer classes are being scheduled now. Dates times and locations will be announced soon.
Summer Apprentice Opportunity. We are seeking a summer apprentice. For more details, please e-mail me at